Make Up Class

As a good relationship with our customers, Professional Gymnastics Center recommends not missing scheduled gymnastics practice, because attending classes regularly will ensure your child is learning is effective.

However, we understand that there may be circumstances where you are unable to attend the practice for some reason or our gym may be closed due to holidays or any unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, natural disasters etc. Therefore, we provide an unlimited number of Make Up classes subject to the following rules.

  • Make-Up class should be scheduled at least 24 hours before missing practice by calling, messaging at (312) 687-6685, also you can leave voice massage or email
  • Make-Up can be scheduled in advance if you know you will miss the practice.

(We will be very grateful to you)

  • Make-up class must be done during your current session otherwise you will lose it.
  • Make-up class can be rescheduled after booking by notifying us 24 hours in advance by calling, messaging at (312) 687-6685, also you can leave voice massage or email
  • You cannot come to Make-Up class without confirmation from the office.
  • We do not provide credits or refunds for classes your child missed.
  • All Make-Up classes that have not been used will be canceled if you quit or do not come to the gym for 30 days.
  • Make-Up class cannot be rescheduled to future sessions. (However, as an exception, we may only reschedule your class if you miss a class during the last week of your session.)
  • Make-Up class is not a guarantee that we will be able to give you a place in the class, as all of our classes can be filled during the week and as soon as there is space available, we will let you know.

Just so you know, we will try our best to help you, as we want to do the best for our customers.

We do think this is a very generous Make-Up Policy, so we want to ask you to please follow these guidelines, and we hope our Make-up policy teaches you discipline and discourages you from frivolously missing our gymnastics classes!