Gymnastics Trial Class

Trial Class

Trial sessions must be arranged with a member of our admin team, this can be by phone, email or social media. You cannot come to the gym with your child without first booking a trial session, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a free place in the class for you so we will have to send you home.

All children must attend at least one compulsory trial session, these are essential to make sure your child enjoyed the class and would like to continue. After the trial is also an opportunity for the coach to discuss with you (the parent/carer) whether this class is suitable for your child or if they would benefit from moving to a different class, this sometimes becomes apparent to the coach once the session has finished.

You are allowed 1 free trial sessions before deciding whether to commit to join the club.

Waiting List

We currently have a waiting list for some of our classes. If this is the case for the class you wish to attend you will be added to the list after your enquiry and informed as soon a place becomes available. Please be aware it is very difficult to give an estimate of how long you will have to wait for a space to become available.