Parent and Child

Gymnastics For Kids Near Me

This exciting class is for your toddler and you: Mommy, Daddy, Babysitter, etc.

Through the help of our PGC staff, you can teach your child to explore the world around him in new and exciting ways. Children are developing rapidly during these first years and early physical activity stimulates developmental learning skills. Your child will be having so much fun, they won’t realize they’re learning, but you will.

Fun-filled obstacle courses infused with music will help your child to learn the basic gymnastic elements: swinging, climbing, running, jumping and other fine and gross motor skills, including eye/hand coordination. In addition, the children are learning to watch, listen and follow basic directions surrounded by the PGC professional staff.

Safety is of utmost importance at all times.

What a fun way to get closer to your child spending hours of enriching time together, celebrating every discovery with smiles, hugs and an occasional giggle. Every session is truly quality time for toddler and parent.

Do not know how to dress your child for gymnastics classes?




Class Schedule

Don't know what will happen if you miss your class due to holidays or for some other reason?