Preschool Gymnastics Class

Preschool gymnastics

As children become more independent, they attend classes at PGC without parents. Preschool gymnastics class is for kids in age group begin to learn basic gymnastic skills using USA Gymnastics progressions on the balance beam, bars, vaults and floor while using “activity stations.”

Children start with a warm-up with games, activity songs and rhythms. Gymnasts then follow the structured apparatus circuits to develop coordination, gross and fine motor skills, balance and body control, while learning about numbers, shapes, colors, body part identification and word association. They learn various jumps, rolling backwards and forwards, how to support themselves with their hands and progress to cartwheels and handstands.

This fun and enjoyable program will build your child’s confidence and help overcome fears. They develop social skills, taking turns, following directions and sharing, all while spending quality time and creating friendships with other children in a positive and encouraging environment.

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Preschool Gymnastics Class Schedule

Don't know what will happen if you miss your preschool gymnastics class due to holidays or for some other reason?