Sick Child

The staff here at PGC works very diligently to keep our facility as clean and as germ free as possible. We clean every free moment we have. We understand your concerns about flu and every other illness that can potentially pass through all our families. With recent years it seems “the season” for these illnesses comes quicker and lasts longer.

At PGC, we want to ensure the safety and health of all our students. If your child displays the following symptoms, please do not bring them to class. If a child displaying any of the below symptoms arrives at the gym, PGC staff will ask the child’s guardian to please leave and return when the student is healthy. If the coach only realizes the extent of the child’s injury after class starts, they will move the child to the back of the room, away from the other students.  If possible, the coach will contact the guardian to pick up the child.

Your cooperation on this issue is extremely important. Sick children expose all children and staff members who they come in contact with. These people can in turn expose the other children.  Please help us keep our students healthy.

Symptoms requiring removal of child from school:

  • Fever: Fever is defined as having a temperature of 100°F or higher taken under the arm, 101°F taken orally
  • Diarrhea: runny, watery, bloody stools, or 2 or more loose stools within last 4 hours.
  • Vomiting: 2 or more times in a 24-hour period. Note: please do not bring your child if they have vomited in the night.
  • Breathing trouble, sore throat, swollen glands, loss of voice, hacking or continuous coughing.
  • Frequent scratching of body or scalp, lice, rash, or any other spots that resemble childhood diseases, including ringworm.
  • Child is irritable, continuously crying, or requires more attention than we can provide without hurting the health, safety or well-being of the other children in our care.


Let’s stop these nasty bugs from spreading! We’ve been taking extra precautions at PGC to keep the gym a clean and healthy place. If your child did not attend school due to illness, please extend that same courtesy to the gym. Please be fever free or on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to gym.