Payment & Refund

  • Annual Registration Fees are only refundable within your initial 2 – weeks.
  • ALL refunds are processed within 3-7 days and paid regardless of your form of payment.
  • After the 1st of each month, Professional Gymnastics Center will not issue any refunds.
  • If you want to quit in the middle of a training semester, we will not be able to refund you, since you have already paid for the spot and it is reserved for your child.
  • Tuition pays for your child’s spot in class regardless of attendance.
  • We do not provide credits or refunds for classes your child missed.
  • Any missed classes will not be refunded, due to weather conditions or emergencies, you will be prompted to use the Make Up Class.
  • If the next semester fees are not paid by the due date, your place will be skipped in the next semester.
  • Registration fees will be paid again if you suspend classes for more than 1 month.
  • We accept all types of payment: debit and credit card, checks or cash.
  • Insufficient funds or returned checks are subject to a $20.00 service fee.
  • Families are required to provide a credit card to be kept on file for payment online or via the office. This ensures your on-time payment every month and guarantees your child’s specific class space is held.
  • If, for any reason, our automatic payment system accidentally debits funds from your card, the refund will be issued immediately on the same day.


We believe we offer the best kids’ programs and amenities in the area. We also know that we may not always be able to offer exactly what every child needs at every stage of development, so let’s try to change the times, classes or teachers first if possible, but we want you to come back and try it again later.

Landnastics reserves the right to change or supplement these policies as we deem necessary, without any prior notification of change.